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Interested in standout comedy acts like “Steve Sweeney: Townie”, “Hard Hat Comedy”, or “Accidentally on Purpose Improv”?  Contact Scamps Comedy Productions to bring unmatched laughter to your event!

Steve Sweeney: Townie

Boston actor and comedian Steve Sweeney, whose off-beat characters have made audiences laugh for decades, takes his well-received one-man show “Steve Sweeney: Townie” into theaters around New England.  In his funny, sometimes poignant one-man show, he regales his audiences with stories from his life-long journey, with a backdrop of neighborhoods, the old Boston Theater District, and other landmarks.

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Hard Hat Comedy

Work hard, laugh hard

Bob Niles, Dan Miller and Jason Merrill are three Boston comedians that share two things in common.  They are hilariously funny on stage, and construction workers by day.  Together, they’re a powerhouse of high-energy, in-your-face hilarity, and create an incredible 90-minute show that will leave the audience exhausted and elated.

Accidentally on Purpose (AOP) Improv

Accidentally on Purpose (AOP) improv troupe delivers an adult-only performance that is always spontaneous, entertaining and fun!  In the style of TV’s popular “Whose Line is it Anyway?” performers build their scenes on the fly, with the help of audience interaction and (sometimes) participation.

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