Professional Comedians

We feature the best comedians from Boston & NYC and the surrounding New England region.

Quality Service

At Scamps, we take the time to understand what a client wants, and determine the best way to deliver it. We don’t “yes” the client just to get the job, and we don’t skip over important details that can make the difference between a successful event and an expensive waste of time for your company, private club, or family.

Established Agency

Comedy is part art and part science. We understand both parts. We produce successful comdey shows throughout New England at different venues and formats all year long.

Variety of Venue

Our specialty is putting on the best show in restaurants and other performance spaces that may not normally "do" comedy. Often the difference in success or failure can be in the setting of a show time, creating a good pre-show atmosphere, positioning of some chairs, or shifting the stage or spotlight to another spot in the room.

Give us a call. Discover the difference.