How Men Think (Or Do They?)™

How can women know exactly how men think? Is it possible for women to think from a male point of view? Be careful what you wish for as the all male comedy show “How Men Think (or Do They?)”™ is a hilarious peek inside the male mind.

"How Men Think (Or Do They?)"™ is a themed-standup show that features five comedians with distinctly different, but distinctly male, points of view. The show has played to sold out crowds in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, co-produced with Drinkwater Productions (

Get ready for a night of Male point-of-views on wives, mothers, friends, kids, careers, neighbors, growing older, love, lust, Internet dating and other things you wouldn’t believe they wasted time thinking about!

Aged to Perfection

Some things improve and develop as they get older, and the same can be said for aging comedians Dave Rattigan and Bob Seibel. In the hilarious Aged to Perfection, they share insights and experiences from their acts that focus on the joys of aging and take the audience through middle age (Dave) to ancient times (Bob).

Never has growing old been so much fun. Aged to Perfection is a standup show that features viewpoints on life, getting older, and whatever else they can remember ... like, where they left the car keys and whether they left the refrigerator door open. So, get out your walker, strap on your hearing aid, and go. This show will turn those wrinkles into laugh lines.

Back in the day...wait - add this show to your line-up today!

Musical Comedy - Paul Wayne

Even if you don't remember the joy of Happy Hour, Paul Wayne's guitar, singing and comedy will leave you in a fantastic mood.

From his days as one of the most popular Happy Hour singers on Cape Cod to becoming one of the most requested headliners at Boston comedy clubs, Wayne has performed in front of tens of thousands all over New England. An excellent musician and consummate showman, Wayne’s humor-filled send-ups and interpretations of popular pop songs make audiences laugh, and leave them with a warm, good feeling.

A frequent opener for national music or comedy acts such as Jay Leno, the Righteous Brothers, the Beach Boys, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, Joan Rivers, Wayne Newton, Rodney Dangerfield and dozens of others, he’s performed at popular venues including Harborlights in Boston, the Cape Cod Melody Tent, the North Shore Music Theatre, Mohegan Sun, Oakdale Theatre, South Shore Music Circus, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and the Meadlowlands in New Jersey.

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