Our Shows

Hiring a comedian is a great way to liven up any corporate event or private party.

Picking the right comedian, and being sure you’ve set up your event to help the comedian succeed, will ensure the best possible result.

Comedy is part art and part science. We understand both parts.

At Scamps, we take the time to understand what a client wants, and determine the best way to deliver it. We know what type of language and sensibility is needed for a corporate show, and don’t send a raunchy-mouthed club comic thinking he/she will win the crowd over. We don’t “yes” the client just to get the job (“Sure, the comedian will be happy to perform in the monkey cage with the gorilla…”), and we don’t skip over important details that can make the difference between a successful event and an expensive waste of time for your company, private club, or family.

When you hire us for your event, our goal is to make you a hero.

Give us a call. Discover the difference.