A live professional comedy show is a great vehicle for raising funds and building a sense of community.

A first-class comedy show becomes an event people look forward to attending all year long. When done right, it’s also low-maintenance and turn-key — saving wear-and-tear on your organization’s already overtaxed volunteers. Coupled with your organizations other fundraising efforts such as Auctions, Dinner, etc. it can increase attendance and your overall fundraising efforts.
We have two basic plans: buy a show from us for a flat fee, or sell tickets for one of our events and split the profits 50-50. Either way, we’re happy to share knowledge that will help you maximize your profit potential, and put on a comedy show that people will love.

How We Can Help

To be successful, a comedy night needs to make money and leave the people in your audience with sore faces from laughing. We can help achieve both goals.

Does your event need comedians? We’ve got the best.

But if it also needs a stage, sound equipment, spotlights, we’ve got that.
If you need some ticket-selling guidance, poster and ticket templates, public relations and marketing help, a room manager, or more, we’ve got that, too