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We have the funniest and most professional comedians in New England. We prepare better than anyone else, and want your show to be the best it can be.

Contact us today for your corporate or private show, fundraiser, restaurant show, or any other reason to bring comedy to your location.

With experience comes knowledge; our specialty is putting on the best show in restaurants and other performance spaces that may not normally "do" comedy. Often the difference in success or failure can be in the setting of a show time, creating a good pre-show atmosphere, positioning of some chairs, or shifting the stage or spotlight to another spot in the room.

We feature not just knowledge of what works, but also great sound and light equipment from top-of-the-line manufacturers such as Bose and Peavey.

We're fully insured for liability.

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If you’re a comedy fan and would like to be included on Scamps e-mail list of upcoming shows, please e-mail Include your town and state, and we’ll send you details about upcoming shows, along with tidbits about what’s going on in comedy in New England.


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